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Nobody home!

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Well that’s it!

It’s all over bar the splashing and there are only a handful of us left at the Manor House tying up the loose ends and putting the carts into storage (trying to surpress the urge to get them out and race them down the hill!) while the rest of the crew head to Essex for the tank day tomorrow or drive the trucks back Bristol and London. It’s been a hard shoot all round but what a great bunch of people to be stuck in the middle of nowhere working your knackers off with. Thanks to everyone for making this a job to remember for so many reasons (not to mention the scars, the stitches and the bags under my eyes!).

So for the last time, Laters Taters and see you at the premiere.

T x

 Love from T x

And that’s a wrap!

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As I write this from my bed and somehow find the energy to process/resize/sharpen/upload one more photo – tonight we officially wrapped in Wales (there is still the underwater tank day to be shot!) There were hugs and beers all round and I think I can speak for everyone when I say  that whilst its been hard, tough and tiring at times there was something about Barafundle Bay that was really special – much love to all involved! J

We had fun, didn’t we?

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I thought we should add a few of our cast & crew going over and above the call of duty on this shoot. Such as Moritz helping Jo make a wig…





And here we are!

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Can’t believe it’s the second last day of shoot. It has been quite a journey….. in the story itself and almost even more in the roller coaster that has been the making of this film. No doubt the tales will unfold over time but I guarantee you wouldn’t believe the extremity of the challenges we’ve faced (move over “Lost in la Mancha”) and the equally matched talent and determination of both cast and crew to get this baby in the can. Not there quite yet so don’t want to count my chickens and all that….. but you know who you are….. THANK YOU!

Hattie x

This is how we roll…

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The 2nd Unit isn’t named so because we’re second rate. This is where some of the magic happens… on the top of cliffs, in open top utes under starlit canopies with an ACDC soundtrack…carrying silly yellow carts over rocks and open sea… creating an American Beauty-esque opening sequence with a strimmer, some supermarket flowers and an ancient graveyard… this is how we roll.


*by the way – Jamie is back on set, so get ready for some beautiful shots…

And as we enter the last week of filming…

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A few snaps from the start of the shoot before the cameras had even started rolling (apart from my stills camera!)

The boys original form of transport when they set out on their adventure arrives..


Whilst Hattie the director tests the kart that the boys will eventually use to transport James to Barafundle Bay


On the other side of Unit Base the boys are introduced to some of their props, in this case some tents

And finally there is excitement in the air as cast and crew are transported for the first day of shooting!

P.S. This blog will continue to run and be updated throughout post production up until the films release, we have alot of stories to tell as well as photos and videos to show so please do check back regularly!

Barafundle by firelight

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This will be almost impossible to make out from an iPhone snap, but here’s Barafundle by firelight – filming one of the final scenes of the film. Quiet and still on the beach tonight, no-one around but us, and the glow of the tent.


A hard day’s night…

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Tonight we started our last full week of filming on Barafundle Bay. It coincided with our first day of what most people expected to be typical west Walian weather. Re-shooting some footage, damaged by the lab, was therefore made difficult as we struggled in lashing rain to keep the camp fire burning and the camera tethered to terra firma. My amazing crew were largely impervious to the elements…

There’s something about seeing the big lamps up, illuminating the crashing waves, that reminds me of the magic movie making: as a gang of people from all walks of life, and from all over the world, are battered by a storm that has rolled over this Welsh coast from the Atlantic a thousand times before… There we huddled together in the spark boys’ beams turning day from night and money into light. VS


Gale force winds playing havoc with our cover…

Tim White

But our sound recordist Tim White is unperturbed…

The Boys

Acting shouldn’t be this hard!

The Freshwater branch of the Groucho Club

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I love that our gorgeous location manager thinks he’s recreated the Groucho for our dinner tonight… in our mess tent..

Freshwater Groucho

An angelic interlude…

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We did the final scene with Eros yesterday – our cheeky little Angel Boy – so I thought we should take a little trip down memory lane and put up a few shots of us at work on his scene…